Customers private Area "MyAccount"

A registered customer has a private area in the store that can be reached via “my account”. This is visible only if the customer is logged in. It has a dashboard that gives an overview of all areas: Orders, addresses and personal data.

As this is only an overview more information can be returned for each area.


The dashboard shows the customers 3 most current orders. All orders will be shown by clicking “more”. The order details shows all relevant information including the order positions and the shipping and the billing address. Of course order informations can not be edited by the customer any more as they are completed.


Customers can add unlimited addresses to their account. This is an important enhancement as of SilverCart 1.1. By simply clicking one button an address can be defined default for shipping or billing. Not only in his account but also during the checkout a customer has full access to all his addresses. By klicking “add new address” a form scrolls open to add further addresses without leaving this page.

Personal Data

Except for the customer number the customer has full editing access to the data he entered during the registration: Email, name, salutation and birthday. Here is also the right place to toggle the newsletter setting. For saving changes the password is not required. If a new password is entered(two times for security reasons) the existing one will be overwritten.